What is the City of Fillmore doing to address homelessness?

Conducting monthly welfare checks by Ventura County on our homeless population.

  1. Enforcing criminal statues regardless of person’s housing status.
  2. Working within the framework of Federal Court cases: Martin v Boise and Johnson v Grant Pass.
  3. Continuously monitoring the situation. Offering services continually to our unhoused population.
  4. Increasing patrols on Burlington Street and surrounding areas as calls for service permit.
  5. Improving documentation of incidents/contacts to better address issues as they arise.
  6. Continuing to monitor and identify trends/concerns involving the homeless population.
  7. Coordinating with Ventura County Public Works – Watershed to evaluate a portion of the Santa Clara River for a cleanup event. The date will be announced once known.
  8.  Taking those individuals who ask for assistance to shelters and treatment facilities.

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