Does the “Boise: Court case apply to all land in Fillmore? What about private property?

The City of Boise case only applies to public property (i.e. City parks, bike trails, open space, City-owned property, etc.), not private property. Any private property owner can still have any individual or encampment removed from their private property if there is a trespass. Like any trespass, the private property owner must request the person be removed and cooperate with law enforcement, including completing the required forms for enforcement of private trespass. The City of Fillmore can assist private property/business owners with tips for preventing future issues.

Often, we receive complaints from citizens related to homeless encampments that are actually located on private property (either because the private property owner is absentee or because they are allowing the activity). In these situations, it will ultimately require the private property owner to act, as the City will not enter onto private property to address any issues without the property owner’s consent.

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2. Does the “Boise: Court case apply to all land in Fillmore? What about private property?
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