Fillmore Access Television

About F.A.C.T Channel 10

The F.A.C.T. Channel 10 community bulletin board was created to keep the citizens of Fillmore informed about community events, and as a source of information about the functions of city government, and to address community health & safety concerns. In keeping with this philosophy, the following conditions must be met in order to use the bulletin board:

The request must be from:

  • A Fillmore city department or agency,
  • A federal, state or Ventura County agency, provided the requested message concerns the citizens of Fillmore,
  • A local nonprofit or local chapter of a national nonprofit agency, whose headquarters or recognized chapter is based within the Channel 10 viewing area (Groups may be asked to provide proof of nonprofit status,
  • Nonprofit educational groups based in Ventura County, provided the requested message concerns the citizens of Fillmore.

Individuals may request announcements for lost pets, birthdays, congratulations, and thank you messages. Businesses may not post on the bulletin board.

The bulletin board cannot accept requests for postings that:

  • Are by individuals (except as noted above) or groups that do not meet the standards listed above,
  • Ask solely for monetary donations,
  • Make solicitations for the purposes of selling goods and services other than those used to support the operation of a non-profit group,
  • Do not directly concern the health, safety or welfare of the citizens of Fillmore,
  • Are obscene in language or content as determined by the City Manager or designate,
  • Are by or are on behalf of a political candidate, currently elected official, or endorse a person or position,
  • Promote gambling or the lottery.

Messages are posted on a first-received, first-processed basis. Messages may be edited for space and content. Messages will be displayed in both English and Spanish provided they are submitted in English and Spanish. Postings are limited to one month but can be resubmitted for posting prior to expiration. Requests should be received two weeks prior to start date. Channel 10 reserves the right to reject any message that, in the opinion of the media services manager, violates the posting rules. Appeals of the Media Services Manager's decisions must be made to the city clerk's office.

The channel 10 bulletin board is a community service for the citizens of Fillmore. The City of Fillmore is not responsible for errors in messages. In the event of a city wide emergency, any or all parts of the posting rules may be temporarily suspended.

If you have specific questions about your message or policies, please contact Administration or call 524-1500 ext. 211.