Resource Management

Resource Management includes Solid Waste, Hazardous Materials and household Hazardous Waste, Recycling, Source Reduction, Special Waste Stream, Construction and Demolition, Operations Waste Stream Management, Waste Audits, Sharps Disposal, Universal Waste Recycling and Disposal, Electronic Waste Recycling and any other waste stream or recycling question that may come to mind.

The Division is charged with maximizing the resource recovery and recycling efforts for the city while at the same time protecting the public health and the environment by managing the resource and waste streams produced by residents, businesses and industries in the city each day. 

This charge is met by maintaining the City's compliance with state and Federal waste regulations, providing coordination for all resource recovery, recycling and waste streams created by local activities, the providing of disposal options for refuse and hazardous waste, and by active coordination with the local franchisee and city divisions for coordination and service.

In short, the Division is responsible for helping all of us realize the size of our footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle to the greatest extent possible. The Resource Management Division is the compliance office for State and Federal mandates.  

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