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New Statewide Mandatory Organic Waste Collection

Beginning in 2022, SB 1383 requires every jurisdiction to provide organic waste collection services to all residents and businesses.

  • “Jurisdiction” means a city, county, a city and county, or a special district that provides solid waste collection services.
  • “Organic waste” includes food, green material, landscape and pruning waste, organic textiles and carpets, lumber, wood, paper products, printing and writing paper, manure, biosolids, digestate, and sludges.

Jurisdictions can select from a variety of organic waste collection services to match their unique communities and local infrastructure, while producing clean streams of organic feedstock that can be recycled into high-quality, marketable recycled products, including compost, renewable natural gas, electricity, and paper.

Jurisdictions will educate all residents and businesses about collection requirements, including what materials to put in curbside bins. Education to residents and businesses may vary by jurisdiction and educational content may be provided electronically, through hard copy materials, or through direct outreach.

For more information, please visit the Cal Recycle website.

Additional Educational Materials

Community Conversation SB-1383

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