Banner Policy

Central Avenue Banner Policy

Available to City of Fillmore non-profit organizations and/or organizations affiliated with the Heritage Valley is the ability to hang an overhead banner across Central Avenue for the purposes of advertising. This service is available to select specific organizations under strict guidelines from the City Council. Please refer to the rules below for additional eligibility information. Additional questions should be directed to Shannon Godfrey at 805-524-1500 ext. 234.

Please complete the Banner Application (PDF) and return to the City of Fillmore Public Works Office.


  • Any non-profit, civic organization, church group, local club or organization affiliated with the Heritage Valley (applicant) shall seek permission (a permit) from the Public Works Supervisor to install a banner over Central Avenue to announce an event.
  • All requests to hang banners shall be submitted in writing to the Public Works Supervisor and shall include the text and size of the banner.
  • Banners for business advertisements are prohibited.
  • The Public Works Supervisor will review banner text prior to approving or denying the request.
  • The Public Works Supervisor has the discretion to deny banners that in his/her opinion is considered as offensive or vulgar language.
  • The City of Fillmore Public Works Supervisor is the only organization permitted to install banners over Central Avenue. No other group or entity is permitted to install banners or any type of sign over Central Avenue.
  • The Public Works Supervisor will charge a fee to install the banner.
  • Central Avenue banners can be no larger than 4' x 50'.
  • Central Avenue banners can be displayed no longer than 14 consecutive days.
  • Central Avenue banners are exempt from Planning Department permits.
  • The Public Works Department shall not store any banner for any organization.
  • The City is not responsible for any loss or damage to banner.