Public Works

About Public Works

The role of the department is to provide services in the areas of parks, streets, alleys, sidewalks, water, sewer, storm drains, parkway trees.


Responsible for all streets, including alleys, with the exception of State and County streets or highways. We do all repairs, cleaning and signing (street name signs, warning and safety signs). Some of the street striping is contracted.

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Maintain sidewalks, curbs and gutters.


Most of the time spent in Public Works maintenance is required in the Water Department. The department maintains all well sites which includes well motors, chlorination systems, filter system and electrical work. (Electrical work is contracted out for the most part.) The city maintains and repairs all the main water service lines within the city limits. This includes from 3/4" to 14" water service lines. The Water Department also maintains and repairs all service lines to residents and businesses off the main lines. The city services and maintains water meters and read meters once a month. The city maintains all fire hydrants; does maintenance and repair on city reservoirs; maintain, repair and test all city backflow devices. The city is responsible for having city water tested as required by the State Department of Health Services and the Federal Government.


The City Engineer and the Superintendent oversee the contract with a private operator for sewer services which include operation of the wastewater treatment plant and maintenance and repair of sewer trunk lines.

Storm Drains

The city maintains city-owned storm drains, which includes cleaning, maintenance and repair. Storm drains that belong to Ventura County Flood Control are maintained by them. The city also maintains two catch basins located at Fremlin Basin and Tietsort Drive. The city provides flood control services within the city consisting of some sandbag and tractor work as needed in time of emergency. Usually, the city asks residents to come fill the sandbags they require, as the department is extremely busy during those times. The city furnishes the sandbags and the sand to residents within the city limits.


The city maintains trees within the parkways (the area between the sidewalk and the street), city right-of-ways, parks, etc. Maintenance of trees consists of trimming and removal, as warranted. The department also oversees a contract with a private operator for tree maintenance.

Special Services

The city hangs banners for service clubs, puts out and takes down flags and Christmas decorations

Graffiti Removal

The city removes all graffiti by either painting over it or by using the power washer, depending upon the location of the graffiti. If graffiti is on private property, the city secures a signed agreement from property owner giving us permission to do the work. Give the city a call if you see graffiti within the city and we will take steps to remove it.

Miscellaneous Information

New residents and business operators need to come into City Hall to sign up for water and sewer service.

For new single residences, city crew installs water meters at a cost to resident, which includes cost of meter, plus any fittings, personnel and equipment involved in installation, plus 15% overhead. If for a tract, contractor installs meters per city specifications. Meters are originally purchased by the customer, then are maintained and replaced by the city, when warranted.

If there will be extensive landscape watering, a landscape meter may be applied for. The customer would be charged for the water, but would not be levied sewer charges on the water from the landscape meter.

City uses County of Ventura standards for public works projects.

Anyone doing work in the public right-of-way or placing any object on the public right-of-way must secure an Encroachment Permit from the Public Works Department.

The public right-of-way includes any area not privately owned. The city cannot do work on private property, except under special circumstances.

The city has a contract with a private operator who sweeps city streets once every two weeks in the residential areas. Central Avenue Business District and the State Highway are swept every Monday before 7:00 a.m. This is the regular schedule for sweeping if the sweeper is not down for repairs. Citizens are requested to keep vehicles off the street on the day their street is scheduled to be swept.

2024 Street Sweeping Map