Know What to Expect

  • Know your areas flood risk. Most areas in danger of flooding have a historically high propensity to flood.
  • If it has been raining hard for several hours, be alert to the possibility for flooding. Perform hourly inspections on the areas surrounding your home to insure there are no new hazardous calamities affecting your residence.
  • Stay up-to-date with weather forecasts and flash flood advisories by tuning to your local radio station, or favorite news network.
  • Weather advisories are also available online
  • Identify potential home hazards and know how to secure or protect them before a flood strikes. Be prepared to turn off electrical power when there is standing water, fallen power lines, or before your evacuation. Turn off gas and water supplies before you evacuate.
  • Sandbag areas historically known for flooding and/or unpredictable water flow. A limited supply of emergency sandbags are available at the City of Fillmore Public Works Yard (711 Sespe Place, Fillmore.) These sandbags are for emergencies only. Sandbags may be purchased at most any hardware store or home improvement center.

During the Storm

  • Monitor the radio and/or local news station for updates on the storm, traffic conditions, and evacuation orders.
  • Prepare to evacuate to a shelter or to a neighbor's home if your home is damaged, or if you are instructed to do so by emergency personnel.  If you are in an area historically known for flooding, evacuate before circumstances prevent an unsafe evacuation.
  • Keep in mind that rises in water levels during flash floods and debris flows may occur much more rapidly, and may be significantly larger, than those produced when the watershed is not burned.  
  • Pay extra close attention to driving conditions while operating your vehicle. With torrential rainfall overwhelming available drainage systems, unpredictable debris and water flow across streets and highways is possible at any given time.
  • Report any hazardous conditions you observe to local authorities.

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