Preparing for Fire Season

To protect your family and property from the danger and destruction of a wildfire, take preventative steps to prepare for such a disaster and gain knowledge necessary to survive.

Preparing for Brush Fires

  • Clear brush within 200 feet of your home.
  • Remove all combustible debris surrounding your home including firewood, dead shrubbery, and other home waste.
  • Replace existing shake-shingle roofing to a more fire resistant type of roofing like tile or any other non-combustible roofing material.
  • Cover all openings on the exterior of your house including the chimney and air vents.

Before the Fire

  • Take time to create a disaster plan that covers your families response to wildfires.
  • Gather all important documents and place them in a container that is easily transported between locations.
  • Preplan meeting places with your family in the event you are separated during an evacuation.


  • The Fillmore Fire Department will issue an evacuation warning (voluntary evacuation) or an evacuation order (mandatory evacuation) in the event fire or smoke may cause a life threatening situation near or at your residence. In either situation, evacuation notices will be announced by sheriff or police personnel over a public address system or by knocking door-to-door
  • Update evacuation information will be available on this website under emergency status, or tune to channel 10 (Fillmore Access Television.)