AM 1620

Fillmore Access Radio AM 1620

As a service to the community, the City of Fillmore operates an AM Emergency Advisory Radio Station that provides listeners with information about emergency situations, crisis updates, emergency weather conditions, and other City information. The Emergency Advisory Radio Station is located at 1620 AM with the call letters WQGJ656. The Advisory AM radio system allows information to be transmitted in case of an emergency and assists with the City’s emergency management efforts.

Hundreds of communities across America operate their own Emergency Advisory Radio Stations specifically to tell area residents and motorists what to do during Amber alerts, school incidents, flash floods, industrial accidents, terror threats, tornados, and other types of emergencies. Through public safety-managed radio broadcasts, listeners receive up-to-the-minute reports, alerts, and instructions with a level of timeliness and detail that make these types of broadcasts invaluable, especially when disaster strikes. During non-emergency times, the City uses the station to inform listeners about the weather, street repairs, public notices, upcoming events, and City news, plus preparedness and safety tips. The system operates off a low power AM radio transmitter with a range of three to five miles that reaches most of the City of Farmington Hills. The AM radio station is funded through a Homeland Security Grant program.