Fire Suppression

Fighting fire has always been, and continues to be, a high-profile activity. While the actual number of fires continues to decline, firefighting activities typically require more resources (personnel, equipment, etc.) than any other type of emergency. Obviously, fires also have a greater potential to harm people and property than other emergencies; therefore, fire suppression goals include: Firefighter in front of a fire truck

  1. Arrival of the first firefighting unit capable of initial fire attack or a victim rescue within 5 minutes 90% of the time.
  2. Arrival of sufficient additional firefighting units which would allow interior firefighting operations within 10 minutes 90% of the time.
  3. To provide fire suppression and emergency response capabilities with adequate manning, apparatus, equipment, and trained personnel, deployed on a 24-hour a day basis.
  4. To provide pre-hospital emergency medical care, stabilization  for ill or injured persons, on a 24-hour a day basis, by a Level 2 paramedic and ALS assist staffing within 5 minutes 90% of the time.
  5. To respond to requests for mutual aid to surrounding communities, on an as available basis.

Services Offered

Fillmore Fire Department provides a full range of services to the community it serves and as mutual aide is requested, to the surrounding area of Ventura County. These services include but are not limited to: Firefighter Climbing Up a Ladder

  • Fire Suppression: Full fire suppression capability in commercial and residential structures, vehicle and urban interface operations. Fire department personnel, including paid and volunteer, are continually trained to meet the highest of fire fighting standards.
  • Rescue: Personnel are trained in basic rope systems for over the side and many different low, moderate and high angel rescues. Personnel operate Quint 91 an aerial/heavy rescue apparatus for vehicle extrication. Fillmore Fire Department provides coverage for response both within Fillmore City Limits and also Mutual aide responses with Ventura County Fire Department.
  • Training: Fire department personnel train daily with two to three scheduled drills per month using several live training scenarios in many areas. There are various training props, located at Station 91 including but not limited to rope rescue props, roof props, smoke house evolutions and various other drills. With state of the art video and classrooms the facility is heavily used by the department and available to other departments in surrounding communities
  • Fire Safety Inspections: Fire department personnel conduct annual business inspections and certify occupancy for all new construction throughout the City of Fillmore.
  • Fire Prevention and Public Education: The Fire Department offers a variety of fire prevention and public education programs for people of all ages. Some of the programs include a traveling fire safety house, smoke detector program, and career days at the High School.