Encroachment Permit

Completed Encroachment Permits

Completed Encroachment Permit applications should be submitted to the City of Fillmore Public Works Office during normal business hours.

About Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits are obtained through the City of Fillmore Public Works Department. Permits may be applied for during normal business hours.

“Encroachment” means any pole, pipeline, fence, sign, excavation, building or any structure or object of any kind or character which is placed in, under or over any portion of the street right-of-way. The taking, placing, moving or using on a right-of-way to any vehicle or combination of vehicles or other objects of a dimension, weight or other characteristic prohibited by the California Vehicle code is an encroachment.

“Street” means any part of the entire width of the right-of-way on a public street, highway, road, lane or alley, whether or not such area is actually improved and used for street purposes.

When properly validated, a permit is issued subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth by applicable laws.

Permittee certifies that all employees are covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance in accordance with the laws of the State of California governing the same. Permittee certifies that sole compliance has been made with all provisions of the Contractors License Law and the City of Fillmore Business License Ordinance. Each person upon whose behalf this permit is issued and each person whose request and for whose benefit work is performed under or pursuant to this permit agrees to, and shall, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Fillmore, it’s officers, agents and employees. That the issuance of the permit shall not be construed to be a permit for, nor approval of, a violation of any provision of City, County or State ordinance or laws.