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Economic Development Resources

The City of Fillmore has partnered with the Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County (EDC-VC) over the last number years to provide business services and economic development resources to the small business entrepreneurs and Downtown Merchants in town. As the EDC-VC continues to expand their range of offerings to the business community, the City of Fillmore is striving to increase awareness and access to the business support opportunities EDC-VC has to share.

The City of Fillmore has been working with Retail Coach to identify retail leakage and to assist in attracting businesses to Fillmore.

During the September 13, 2016 City Council meeting the Council approved the plans for Rotocraft Support, build within the Business Park. Two companies are proposed to locate at the site: Rotocraft and The Guardian. Rotocraft is a maintenance and repair helicopter business with 58 full time employees that will relocate from Van Nuys to Fillmore. The Guardian is a fire helicopter company that is contracted to fight forest fires and has approximately 15 full time employees.


"Foster a thriving small-town atmosphere in which civic pride, personal well-being and a balanced economy are nurtured and protected."

The current era of Fillmore is filled with many shifts in the economy both within and surrounding the City. Citrus orchards have given way to row-crops, avocado orchards and a new facile agriculture that changes crops more quickly in a global market. Nursery stock has also grown around the town.

The central business district offers two blocks of diverse retail and professional services. New senior housing opportunities in the central business district allow for the vision of walk-ability for those living close to downtown. Getting supplies, getting to a doctor, having access to a restaurant or four, close by are all amenities that have been realized in the central downtown.

Looking to the Highway 126 corridor, new business, diversification of, and a growing improvement in levels of services, allow locals and those passing through, a growing pallet of options for food, supplies, and services. Recent removal of blighted buildings and new construction on the Highway 126 corridor and throughout town is but one indicator of Fillmore on the move.

New housing and retail spaces continue to be built, with apartments, single family residential, mixed use residential/retail and office/retail either under construction, nearing completion or, open for business.

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Opportunities to participate in this era of Fillmore abound. We are open for business. Please contact the City by email or call 805-524-1500.