Hometown Heroes

City of Fillmore Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program Policies and Guidelines

Program Overview

The City of Fillmore (“City”) is proud to recognize Fillmore’s military heroes for their service through the City's Military Banner Program (“Program”). Family members and loved ones may nominate duty service members from any branch of the United States Military to be honored with a street banner with the service member's name. The Program was established by the City in October 2023 to honor and recognize the City’s military personnel. Prior to commencement of this Program, the creation of military banners was a joint effort between the City and the Fillmore Unified School District. (As of the date of the adoption of the Program by the City, the District will no longer be directly involved in administration of the Program.) To assist military families and sponsors with the application process, the City has established the following Program policy and guidelines.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify, honorees must meet the following requirements:
  • Live within the Fillmore Unified School District boundaries at the time of enlistment; and
  • Active-duty military personnel in any branch of the United States Military (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, or Marine Corps), including active Reserves and active National Guard; or,
  • Inactive duty or retired military personnel that served in any branch of the United States Military; or,
  • A fallen service member in any United States conflict.

Only one banner per serviceperson is allowed at a given time. 

Program Details 

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis and banners will be installed quarterly, on the last Thursday of the last month of the quarter (January, April, July, October), weather, City Holidays and staffing permitting.

Note: Applicants must pay directly to the vendor the actual then-current cost of the banner. The vendor costs are subject to change without notice. Costs are summarized as follows:

Banner - Actual cost with applicant payment directly to vendor (currently $138)

Hardware - Covered by the City

Installation - Covered by the City

The City is not responsible for replacing banners that are stolen, damaged, or destroyed due to age, weather, sun, vandalism, or any acts of nature including high winds. The City may, however, re-install banners that have fallen off the pole due to extreme elements such as high velocity wind, intense rain, and extreme heat.

By applying for and receiving approval for a banner, each applicant agrees to indemnify and hold the City of Fillmore, its elected officials, officers, employees, agents and volunteers free and harmless with respect to any and all liabilities, claims, lawsuits and/or damages of any nature whatsoever that allegedly arise from or are connected to the approval of the applicant’s banner application, including the display of, and/or damage to or loss of any banner or banners.

Hometown Heroes Application

To complete the banner application, please click on the Program Application link or you may contact the Public Works Department to have them emailed to you by contacting Shannon Godfrey-Prentice at (805) 201-9623 or sprentice@fillmoreca.gov. Applications will also be available at City Hall, in the lobby and second floor offices, located at 250 Central Avenue, Fillmore, CA.

Applicants must complete all sections of the application including:

1. Attach verification of military service (military ID, military orders, Veterans ID, DD214, etc.), and 2. Attach proof of service member's Fillmore residency or within the Fillmore Unified School District boundaries, such as a utility bill or copy of a government issued ID showing the local address of the service member.

Once completed please return to Shannon Godfrey-Prentice via e-mail at sprentice@fillmoreca.gov or drop off at the Public Works Counter 2nd Floor, 250 Central Avenue.

Important: Banners will be produced using the information provided on the application. As such, the City is not responsible for misspelling or any incorrect information written or provided on the application, or by the approved banner proof. 

Once the application is approved by the City, the applicant will be notified to contact the banner vendor directly to make banner payments. The applicant will send a high-resolution JPG picture of honoree to the vendor. In addition, the vendor will send the applicant the banner proof for approval, with a copy to the City.

Completed banners will be sent to the City by the vendor or delivered by the applicant.

Banner Style

The City maintains complete control over the design of the banners. Banners will be designed by the City, including the description of the name and military branch in which the individual serves/served. Banners will be produced in full-color, double-sided, and measure 24” x 60”.

Banner Locations

The military banners will be displayed on an ongoing basis along Central Avenue north of Sespe Avenue to Second Street and Sespe Avenue west to A Street. There are a total of 21 available pole locations for 42 military banners. Banners will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Banners currently installed as of the adoption of the Program will remain for two years, or until military service has concluded if less than two years. (This applies only to banners installed as of the adoption of the Program.) Once a banner has been removed, applicants may fill out a new application for a replacement banner.

Banner applications and payments must be received one month in advance of each end of quarter to be installed in the upcoming quarter. If there are no banner locations available, applications will be placed on a waitlist based upon the date a completed application is received.

The installation, maintenance, and removal of the banners shall only be accomplished by the City or persons authorized by the City.

Installation and Display

Banners will be installed on a quarterly basis, on the last Thursday of the last month of the quarter (January, April, July, October), weather, Holidays and staffing permitting.

Once produced and installed, banners shall remain the property of the City until removed and presented to the service member’s family or the applicant.

Once banners are installed, they will be displayed for a maximum of two (2) years or until the banners begin to show deterioration (if earlier than 2 years). All banners will be promptly removed at the end of the authorized time period.

Maintenance/ Repair

The City will endeavor to repair and reinstall banners that become separated from their brackets for two (2) years from initial installation. After two (2) years, any banner that disconnects from its installed location and/or is lost or damaged due to weather conditions will not be repaired by the City.

The City will conduct periodic inspections of the banners; however, the City shall not be responsible for banners that may be damaged due to extreme weather elements or other unforeseen events but will endeavor to make only basic repairs and rehang banners as time and conditions permit.


At the end of the two (2) year display period, City staff will remove the banners, quarterly, weather, Holidays and staffing permitting, on the last Thursday of the last month of the quarter (January, April, July, October). The City will contact the applicant or service member’s family to arrange to have the banner presented to the family at the first City Council meeting in the month after the banner was removed. For example, if a banner was removed in January, presentation of the banner to the family would happen at the first City Council meeting in February or the banner will be available for pick up from City Hall within 30 days of banner removal.

Any banners unclaimed after this time will become the property of the City and/or be disposed of and the pole location will be released.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my banner be installed?

Banners will be installed the last Thursday of the last month of the quarter, weather and City Holiday and staffing permitting, during the year (January, April, July, October).

2. Can I choose which street or pole my banner goes on?

Unfortunately, due to the limited availability of poles, you may not choose which pole or street your banner goes on. Please note that all poles are in extremely visible, high-traffic areas.

3. What happens if my banner is damaged or destroyed over time?

Falling or disconnected but still in-tact banners may be repaired and reinstalled if within two (2) years of installation; damaged beyond repair or destroyed banners will be given to the family.

4. Who do I call if I have questions about the program?

 Please contact Shannon Godfrey-Prentice by telephone at (805) 201-9623 or by email at sprentice@fillmoreca.gov.

Ambassador Program

The City Manager may, in his discretion, solicit the participation of volunteer, community-based Fillmore Hometown Heroes Military Banner “Ambassadors” for assistance with administering the Program. Participation in the Program by Ambassador volunteers shall be strictly on a voluntary basis with no compensation.

The following are duties and functions of the Ambassador volunteers:

Ambassador Duties

• Assist City staff with administering the Program (application process, finance, and public relations).

• Serve as liaison to the City Council and staff.

Application Duties

• Distribute applications to interested family members, non-profits, and Fillmore Unified School District.

Financial Duties

• Assist with fundraising to fund the Program and coordinate fundraising projects.

• Raise awareness about the program.

• Serve as a liaison to the City to track accounting associated with donations (which must be made to City staff), sponsorships and purchases by City staff.

• Work with City staff to recognize donations and sponsors.

Public Relations

• Work with City staff, non-profit organizations, and the media to raise public awareness of the Program.

• Distribute an informational handout about the Program and make it available to the public at several City locations and City events, such as having a table at back-to-school night, career night and other events.

• Contact honorees’ families at least once per year to ascertain honorees’ active military status.

• Assist with setting up a Banner Ceremony with Veterans of Foreign Wars.

• Contact Fillmore Unified School District key personnel regarding seniors graduating and entering the military.

The City is also soliciting volunteers to be Ambassadors for the Fillmore Hometown Heroes Military Banner program. Ambassadors will provide assistance with administering the program. Participation in the program by Ambassador volunteers is strictly voluntary and uncompensated. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Erika Herrera, Assistant City Manager at eherrera@fillmoreca.gov / (805) 946-1712 or Jacky Magdaleno-Herrera, Senior Management Analyst, at jherrera@fillmoreca.gov/ (805) 946-1295.

Completed applications should be submitted to Erika Herrera, Assistant City Manager, via email to eherrera@fillmoreca.gov.